US Army

Free Coffee For The Troops


Every year we donate thousands of pounds of coffee to troops around the world, including here at home. We typically don't have the pleasure of interacting with these amazing, brave soldiers serving proudly overseas, but when we do, we love to SHOUT IT from the rooftops.

Not for us, but for them. It's a reminder to everyone that those brave men and women are still far from home. They are still putting themselves in danger. They are still giving up a portion of their lives to do what is right for their country.

Recently, we received this wonderful thank you note from Warrant Officer Dirk.

"A very heartfelt thank you to you and your team. Here is a picture with our little present you sent. This will be consumed in the desert where the temperature was much cooler today than it has been recently. Today it was a mere 116 degrees. Thank you for supporting the troops and for your gift. Coffee is a commodity here and we drink so much coffee this bag will last about 2-3 days. Once again, thank you from our team to yours. Now let me know when I can order chocolate covered coffee beans and we will be set!

-Warrant Officer Dirk

Would you like to send coffee to a soldier?

Our Nominate a Soldier program helps active American soldiers who are stationed overseas receive a little comfort of home by receiving a coffee delivery from our company. If you would like to nominate a soldier, please CLICK HERE. We'll notify the soldier of your nomination and send some delicious coffee their way. We thank you for your continual support of our troops.

Thank you on behalf of our troops.

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