cyber monday

Where did Cyber Monday come from?

Cyber Monday sounds like a futuristic Sci-Fi movie title or the label on some apocalyptic electronic event.

To some these might still apply, but to the majority of people Cyber Monday is a chance to save money by shopping online.

But where did it begin?


WWW. Enters The Scene

In 1990, the World Wide Web project was launched and hypertext language was chosen and the first web browser was built.

The "internet" was introduced in 1991 and by 1995 120,000 domain names had been registered.

That number increased to over 2 million domains registered by 1998.

The World Wide Web was underway, but to ensure security in shopping "Secure Socket Layers" SSL encryption was created. This allowed for a safer shopping experience and paved the way for safe and secure e-commerce stores.

cyber monday timeline



While the online shopper was still an anomaly the business opportunities were not.

Amazon, eBay and Yahoo were all in operation by 1995. Google, Paypal and others were soon to follow as was the "Dot Com Bubble", which popped in 2000.

Even with this economic collapse, online business continued to grow. Online business was here to stay and what was needed? A national online shopping day!



It would take a few years, but in 2005 there was a trend of increased online sales on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

This was identified and called out by the folks at in their article titled "'Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year".

The name stuck and it wasn't long before "Cyber Monday" became an international marketing term used across the world.

cyber monday timeline

In 2006, retailers embraced the term and sales increased 25% to over $600 million. That number reached the billion dollar mark by 2010, and would continue to grow each year until it rising well over 2 billion dollars today.

It seems Cyber Monday is ALSO here to stay.

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