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This Is The Best Letter From A Customer We Have Ever Received

To All At San Francisco Bay Brewing Co.,

In 1998, during his senior year in high school, my son, Sean, worked at Starbucks in Loomis, CA. Aside from the obvious benefits of Sean having his own funds for discretionary spending, there was the matter of a free pound of coffee per week that employees received. The store's manager, who ceremoniously adopted me as his mom too, was not a coffee drinker and thus, donated his one-pound-per-week to the 'mom fund' as well (I know, lucky me, right!).

While the normal emotions of a mom facing an empty nest knocked at my heart as my son prepared to go off to college post graduation from Del Oro, a more visceral reaction presented following a realization I had not prepared myself for ...

"Crap! I'm gonna have to start buying my own coffee beans!"


As a freelance writer and communications/marketing pro who works from her home office, coffee flows ever fresh and plentiful, often late into the night. I'm an unapologetic, single blend, French Roast girl; always have been.

After trying —and being disappointed by — other French Roast blends in my search for a Starbucks replacement at a more economical price-point, I bought your brand at Costco ...hopes high, but expectations low.

Upon my first pour, the Heavens opened and angels sang to the divine sound of harps in the background ...the Universe had delivered me a quality French Roast beyond my imagination at an affordable cost.


Even today when I visit my son and his family in San Diego, he makes a Costco run to ensure I have my favorite beans upon arrival. Sweet, eh?

Only recently did I discover that your company was right in my own backyard of Lincoln, and also that Safeway now carries my beloved brand, which is helpful when a run to Costco is right up there with a root canal.


As it's been (unbelievably) nearly 20 years that you have fueled my best writing and indeed, made facing the world each morning a little easier, I just thought it was time that I said thank you. I couldn't do what I do without you ...well, not if I want to get paid for it 😉


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