The Thing with Pour-over

If you're into crafted coffee, say the individual that regularly visits the local coffee shop chances are you've had a pour-over. As part of the social media crew here at SF Bay coffee part of my job is to be in the coffee know. Well, recently several articles have been popping up announcing that the pour-over is dead. Ouch, harsh words for the hipsters who once claimed to drink only pour-overs. Drip coffee is back!

Now, I love good coffee, but good coffee doesn't have to cost a lot. Don't get me wrong, we have some phenomenal crafted coffees here, and if brewed properly you can taste the different flavor notes. Some of the office swears by our 100% Kona while others like myself, are #TeamGeisha.

However, I also like our our french roast, and our organic blend, both are affordable.

Back to Pour-overs. Now, I've been a barista. I loved it. We made pour-over for people but here's the thing, not everyone wants to wait five to seven minutes for a cup of coffee. And that is okay. If you use good coffee, drip coffee is just as satisfying. Guess what, I've switched from using a french press to drip coffee. It's easier. Less mess.

That being said, is the pour-over becoming obsolete. Not really, I just think those hipster coffee shops realize the convenience and efficiency of the drip coffee machines. The option to have a different variety other than french roast appeals to people. We  love having options.

Here at headquarters, we have both options. We're lucky. But we want to know what you prefer? Pour over or drip, you tell me?

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