The Best Way To Hack Your Iced Coffee

Now that it’s starting to heat up in the summer months people are starting to drink iced coffee more often.  So, let me ask you how many times have you had to ask for “light ice” just to avoid a watery drink? Personally, it’s been one too many times and I'm ready to find a fix!

But guess what, there’s an easy way for you to avoid more watered down coffee in the summer, and it really is the best way to hack your iced coffee!


Coffee ice cubes are so quick and easy to make, and they help make your coffee taste better! Here's a few quick and easy steps of how to make them!


Step 1: Brew a pot of coffee, or make a batch of cold brew.

  • This is the easy part, because I'm sure you do this every day. (If you didn't, why would you be looking into avoiding watered down coffee?) If you are really looking to save some time, you can make a batch of cold brew to decrease the amount of time it takes to freeze!

Step 2: Pour the coffee into your ice cube trays.

  • You can buy some ice cube trays at a grocery store nearby if you don't already have some at home! 

Step 3: Freeze until - could take up to 4 hours.

  • Now we wait! Stick the trays into the freezer and wait for your caffeinated cubes! I recommend you do this the night before you want your iced coffee, so they are ready when you are!

Step 4: Use as needed to cool down a cup of iced coffee.

  • This is the fun part. Enjoy!

Note: I’m sure some of you have had leftover coffee in the morning. LUCKY YOU. That saves you a step and makes it even easier for you! Just pour the left-over coffee into ice cube trays and freeze away! You’ll have tasty, (not watered down) coffee ready for tomorrow!

Send us pictures of your coffee ice cube concoctions! 

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