Stories From Rwanda: Lifting A Community Through Education


Starting in 2006, the Rogers Family Company has invested time and money to help young Rwandan girls achieve their personal aspirations through education and their dreams are not small. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, professions that no matter what country you live in are difficult, but through hard work the girls of the Gashora Academy are creating a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

According to the principal of the Gashora Girls Academy:

Some of the girls come from the poorest communities and their foundation is shaky, but ever since they came here they have kept improving, improving and improving.

Anne Marie graduated the Gashora Girls Academy this year

In October of 2013, we wrote a feature on one student from the Academy, "From Darkness To Light --- The Story Of AnnMarie", who was the first of 6 students involved with the Rogers scholarship program to graduate from the Gashora Girls Academy.

We checked in on AnnMarie and this is how her live as progressed in the last 10 months;

Anne Marie is back in Gashora Girls Academy for a month, as a tutor of our 5 RFC scholars, currently enrolled.

She has been accepted into 2 university programs, in the college of business at the University of Rwanda and nursing at Mount Kenya University. In the mean time, I proposed to her to assist in the tutoring of our girls, to earn experience and a bit if money, and give extra help to our sponsored students.

She kindly accepted.

---Mario Serracin