SF Bay Reserve, Geisha Gets 89 From CoffeeReview.com

Recently, CoffeeReview.com cupped and reviewed our San Francisco Bay Reserve, Geisha giving it an 89.

Their blind assessment:

Deep, richly roasty, chocolate- and fruit-toned. Lightly scorched cedar, dark chocolate, musk, apricot in aroma and cup. Sweet, roast-rounded acidity; lightly plush mouthfeel. The finish is dry and roast-toned with a backgrounded chocolaty sweetness.


In their "who should drink it" section they say,

An unusual opportunity to taste the celebrated Gesha profile in a very dark-roasted preparation. Think cedar-planked fruit-toned bon-bon.

We are very proud of this score and want to thank CoffeeReview.com for their independent assessment.


This San Francisco Bay Reserve Single Origin is very special as it comes from one of our very own farms. It was given the name Finca Santa Barbara after Barbara Rogers, VP of Rogers Family Company, wife to Big Jon and mother to the clan.


(see the review): CoffeeReview.com