What Is San Francisco Bay Coffee All About?

Delicious, sustainable, gourmet coffee doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Our San Francisco Bay Coffee brand offers you outstanding quality and value with an unparalleled commitment to sustainable agriculture and trade.

We offer a rich assortment of premium gourmet coffee such as Colombian coffee, decaf coffee,  French roast coffee, as well as exotic single-origin coffees from Central America and Africa.

We also offer a great lineup of flavored coffee such as our very popular Hazelnut Creme.


San Francisco Bay is most well known in its 3 pound, value-sized gourmet coffee bags.  But it's also available in many other sizes from 2 ounce trial sizes to 2 pound bags.

Your purchase of Rogers' coffees and teas help us fund our Community Aid program that helps to break the cycle of poverty in the towns where we buy our coffee and tea.

Through Community Aid, we've built schools, worker housing, medical clinics, and day care centers as well as funded scholarships, teachers, and doctor's salaries.