The Roast on Coffee: Antioxidants

Pour Yourself Another Cup

We've all been told how important antioxidants are for us, but did you know you can still keep drinking coffee because it actually contains antioxidants!

That's right, like red wine, and berries, coffee contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties! Cheers!

Recent studies have shown that if you want to get the most punch of antioxidants with your coffee chose a lighter roast.

Darker roast do, however, still contain the same health benefits just not as much.

Just like I've told you before, stick to coffee and lattes with minimal added sugar. Those sugar bombs are bad for your health. But hey, I treat myself to one seasonal drink, I just cut the sugar in half.

The study showed,  "The lighter the roast, the higher the chlorogenic acid content—and the better the coffee extract protected human cells against oxidation (cell damage) and inflammation when tested in the lab.

Lighter the roast, more caffeine?

Another interesting fact about the lighter roasts is that lighter roasts contain more caffeine than a darker roast.

During the roasting process, less caffeine is burned off than a darker roast.

However, the study claimed that caffeine levels showed no significant differences. I know here around the office, we would disagree. Our medium roast coffees do contain more caffeine than a darker roast. So you'll still be getting your caffeine fix, while gaining some health benefits.

The Roast is only Half of it

Well, it may be that the lighter roasted coffees contain more anti-inflammatory properties, but there is more to it according to health experts.

Like most things in nature, and coffee is after all a fruit, different beans have different levels of antioxidants.  Therefore, climate, environment, and variety may impact the level of antioxidants. Only more research can determine the distinction.

Big Reputation

In conclusion, despite the bad reputation coffee once had in the media, it appears that the spotlight now highlights the good health benefits that coffee contains.

So,while you may have never considered the antioxidant content of your daily cups of liquid gold, I can give you confirmation to keep on drinking.


Lighter Roasts Better for Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Research Shows

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