Review: San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser OneCups

Review: San Francisco Fog Chaser OneCups™

In a recent review from popular coffee website the reviewer, Brian Lokker, says

This is a strong, rich coffee that lives up to its name. San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser OneCups™ provide a perfect way to start your day.

He goes on to discuss the OneCups as they compare to other single serve coffee solutions.

The innovative single serve OneCup™ is a coffee pod that is compatible with most Keurig® brewers and other single cup coffee makers.

Additionally he mentions the name and feeling you get from our very popular OneCup coffee called San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser.

“Fog chaser” is an apt metaphor for a good cup of coffee that wakes you up in the morning and chases away the remnants of sleep. After one or two cups of this Fog Chaser blend, you’ll be ready to face whatever challenges your day may throw your way.

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