Plastic Free July

It’s officially July, which is a fun and busy month for us here at SF Bay Coffee! We launched our Instagram competition, we will be rebranding on August 1st, and its PLASTIC FREE JULY!

What is Plastic Free July?

According to, it is a global movement that helps millions of people be a part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans and beautiful communities.

It has gone viral on social media in order to convince people to take the challenge, and now here we are, hoping you will take the challenge too!  I know it seems impossible to cut out all single use plastics, but even small changes could make a large impact!

Why do we need to reduce our plastic?

Plastic lasts forever. Even though you are “throwing it away”, there is no away. It will end up on beaches, in the ocean, or on the street.  Because it ends up in these places, it affects the animals that live in these habitats.  They see the plastic, not knowing what it is, and try to eat it, which kills them. Or, they will get entangled and trapped in plastic waste, which could lead to them getting hurt, or killed. It also reenters the food chain after we dispose of it, and makes its way back to us through our food.

How Can I Help?

Making small changes in your everyday life, even with a few products could make a huge impact.


  • Purchase in bulk
  • Grow your own food
  • Make your own snacks and condiments
  • Learn to cook from scratch
  • Plan out your meals for the week


  • Say no to bottled water and straws
  • Buy milk in reusable glass bottles
  • Use reusable bottles and cups
  • Make your own drinks at home


  • Go to stores that sell in bulk
  • Say no to straws, plastic packaging, bags, etc.
  • Make a list of what you need
  • Bring your own containers to carry things

Personal care/cleaning:

  • Clean with vinegar, Bicarb, and water
  • Don't use plastic, throw away razors
  • Chose non-plastic products
  • Make your own deodorant and lip balm

These are just a few ideas of how to cut out on waste.  Also, because it is July, here are a few ideas of how to cut down on plastic for the Fourth of July, while still being safe and having fun:

  • Don’t use balloons
  • Use reusable plates and cutlery
  • Don't offer straws for drinks

Now, we ask you to take the pledge and join the challenge. Here at SF Bay Coffee, we have 100% compostable OneCups, and are working to create more sustainable packaging with other products. We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still producing great quality coffee. Thanks to all of our amazing customers who support us, we are able to continue to progress towards higher standards of sustainable. So thank you for committing to the earth and choosing SF Bay Coffee.

Links to eco friendly products:

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