Painting with Coffee

Most of the time, you hear of artists painting with wine in their hand… But what about coffee?

And the coffee in their hand, they aren’t actually drinking, rather using it as paint.

Seems weird right? It can actually be super cool, even though it’s so different.  Here’s how you can do it!

Get some brushes: no need to get a pack of expensive brushes! The coffee will make the brushes sticky and possibly ruin them, so you can just get a cheap pack from any arts & crafts store. 

The Paper: watercolor painting is best because of how liquidy the coffee is. No need to get anything crazy! 90-pound paper works best for most artists.

The paint: ground coffee.  There are certain brands that work better, but any cheap coffee would work. It does need to be ground so when you add water, it creates the color you desire.

The process: Here’s the fun part! Pour some grounds into different cups so you can create a few different shades of brown.  All you have to do is mix the instant coffee with some hot water with a dropper until you get the color you want! Remember, you can always add more water to make it lighter, so start off with only enough water to make the coffee liquid. As you’re painting, start with the lightest colors of the background first and then start adding more layers to make it darker as you go along. It works best if you let the paper dry completely between each layer.

Don’t forget to be creative and have fun!

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