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New Release - Wine Barrel Aged Sumatra. A Science Experiment Gone Right.


Wine by itself has satisfied the world for thousands of years. Coffee for nearly as long. It's time they come together, but how?

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For 2 millennia, wine has been transported and stored in oak barrels. At first, the barrel was simply a vessel for moving the wine.

Over time, wine producers realized their wines would take on certain properties of the barrels making the wine better.

In the wine industry, two oak varieties are most commonly used to create barrels, American Oak and French Oak.

Through experimentation, wine producers realized the value of aging their wine and began refining the process.

But first, they asked, what is happening to our wine?

The contact with the wood made the wine softer and smoother, and with some wines, it also made it better tasting. Due to the minimal toasting of the wood, wines developed additional scents such as cloves, cinnamon, allspice or vanilla, and when drunk they had additional flavors present, such as caramel, vanilla or even butter. As the practice of using oak barrels for transport continued, merchants, wine producers, and armies alike, found that the longer the wine remained inside the barrels, the more qualities from the oak would be imparted into the wine, and thus began the practice of aging wine in oak. -


All great discoveries first began as a question. We dared to ask if oak wine barrel aging works for wine, why not for coffee?

We scoured the world, seeking the finest oak wine barrels to use for our experiment, finally, we discovered a company in the Pacific Northwest.

Using both American and French oak wine barrels, the experiment began with much anticipation.

During the first month, the results weren't pleasing. The coffee took on strong wine aromas, overtaking the more favorable smells of the coffee.

But, we did not give up. 

We left the coffee in their oak wine barrels and continued to sample test every 30 days until, WHAM! It happened. We achieved the perfect balance.


For our experiment to work, patience was paramount. Without giving away our secrets, the process is involved yet very hands-off. The months on the calendar rolled by as we waited for our moment.

That moment is now.

On February 22, 2017 we cupped our single origin wine barrel aged Sumatra. This already excellent coffee was aged in a pre-loved French oak wine barrel, enhancing the unique characteristics of the Sumatra.


Earthy, rich, dark smells with hints of red wine. The cup is complex, heavy-bodied with spicy, fruit tones.

This isn't a wine flavored coffee. 

The goal of this experiment was not to create a wine flavored coffee, instead, we desired to create a coffee with unique characteristics, harnessing the essence of the wine barrel and infusing each green coffee bean with the rich and distinct flavor profile only wine can provide.

What our experiment revealed was the aging process, in these pre-loved wine barrels, enhanced the subtleties of the Sumatra coffee. Producing a stand-alone coffee that will become a house favorite.

Are you prepared for the perfect pair? Shop for a box of this rare and limited release. Why not treat yourself.





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