Livin' till 90

Have you ever wished you could live forever? We’ll it might just be possible… Okay not quite forever, but a long time. 

A study called “90+ Study” has come out and it shows that drinking coffee (and beer) daily correlate to a decrease in premature deaths. So yes, here is your excuse to splurge on the two drinks you love most!

I know people have been saying that there is such thing as too much coffee. But apparently having coffee every day is actually helpful in the long run!

Now I don’t mean you should go out and chug coffee 24/7. This is a moderate thing, meaning 2 cups of coffee a day. However, this small change can have a significant effect on people’s health. In fact, these studies show that common consumption of coffee can decrease premature death by 10-18%!

You might be wondering why? Why does drinking coffee everyday help you live longer? Well, here’s why:


\Coffee has chemicals in it that people consume while drinking it. One of these chemicals is called antioxidants. In fact, coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants. Yes, even more than fruits and vegetables! Antioxidants help prevent oxidative stress in your body. Oxidation is shown to be a common problem that leads to aging and other serious health conditions, resulting in premature death.

So, next time you pour a cup of coffee, picture yourself in the future, 90 years old and sipping on a cup of coffee just like this one!

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