Why It's Just Fine For Pregos To Drink Coffee

If you are pregnant you must stop drinking coffee, immediately!

This was the stance started in the 80's after an experiment using pregnant rats revealed harmful side-effects.

Well, it turns out that's not so true. Apparently the first study conducted in the 80's force fed rats caffeine, a follow up study laced water with caffeine and let the rats naturally drink it.

In the original study, skeletal defects were found in the fetuses. The follow-up study showed that skeletal defects reversed themselves after birth.

Individuals tolerate caffeine differently, including babies, so be aware of that fact. But all the science currently says, it's just fine to have up to 200 mg a day of caffeine or the typical equivalent of 1 eight ounce cup of coffee.

The key is moderation.

Many people suggest cutting out caffeine all together as a just-in-case measure, but some folks can't go cold turkey.

Plus you don't want to put your body through that stress while prego. The experts say, keep your intake low (1 to 2 cups) and everything will be fine.

Heck, I couldn't get my wife to stop drinking coffee. I tried to get our baby doc on my side, but no go there. She said, "it's fine, have your coffee...in moderation."

Both of my kiddos turned out sharp as tacks, cute as bugs-in-a-rug and just regular lil' tykes.

But that's just one guy's opinion, plus a lot of science.


We aren't scientists or doctors so please consult with your physician. 


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