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How Supporting Our Troops Has Defined Us As A Company


Today is the U.S. Army Birthday, and we can't think of any better way to celebrate than providing free coffee to those amazing men and women.

Over the years the Rogers family, founders of San Francisco Bay Coffee Company, made it clear that our core mission as a company is to, "do good wherever we do business."

This mission is now best summarized as, our coffee is Grown For Good.

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Rogers family

That's why nearly 40 years ago Big Jon & Barbara Rogers knew that as success came to them, they would share with others.

The family now contributes significantly to local organizations, coffee farmer partners around the world and of course our amazing military.


Working with strategic partners such as Move America Forward and Operation Gratitude, we have been able to supply hundreds of thousands of pounds of free coffee to troops all over the world.

Those thankful soldiers send us thank you messages all the time and we just love getting these pictures.

While it is great for us to receive a thank you from a soldier, a message from home sent to them means so much more.

Sometimes, the gesture that touches a Soldier, Marine, Airman or Sailor the most is a simple, heartfelt thank-you, said Rogers Family Co. President Jon B. Rogers who served as an officer in the U.S. Army.

Most recently we partnered with Move America Forward and The American Red Cross to supply a few thousand coffee bags for care packages getting shipped out to U.S. Military personnel around the world.


It was another great event and we are so proud to have contributed our small portion in the hopes of bringing a smile and simple taste of home to the brave men and women serving our country.

Would you like to send coffee to a soldier?

Our Nominate a Soldier program helps active American soldiers who are stationed overseas receive a little comfort of home by receiving a coffee delivery from our company. If you would like to nominate a soldier, please CLICK HERE. We'll notify the soldier of your nomination and send some delicious coffee their way. We thank you for your continual support of our troops.

Thank you on behalf of our troops.


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