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How Coffee Keeps Your Gut Healthy & You Happy

For the gut to operate at its best it needs microbial diversity. We can promote or diminish this diversity by the choices we make in the foods and drinks we consume.

  • Soda - bad
  • Candy - bad
  • White bread - bad
  • Pastries - bad
  • etc

So basically, everything we love...well not everything.

In a recent study, scientists have pinpointed coffee as a "gut healthy" drink.

While I won't be slugging down mugs of buttermilk anytime soon, this new finding about coffee makes my belly happy.

healthy gut

What is a healthy gut and why does it matter?

The health of your gastrointestinal system is extremely important to your overall well-being. Largely responsible for the critical functions of the body’s digestive and immune systems, beneficial bacteria in your digestive system have the capability of affecting your body’s vitamin and mineral absorbency, hormone regulation, digestion, vitamin production, immune response, and ability to eliminate toxins, not to mention your overall mental health. - NavaCenter

In the study conducted by University of Groningen in the Netherlands, researchers analyzed stool samples from over 1100 Lifelines-DEEP study participants. The results showed that eating fruits, vegetables and yogurt positively influenced microbial diversity in the gut.

Seems obvious but then...

Thankfully, the study also showed drinking tea, wine, coffee and buttermilk encourages the same diversity of microbes.

That makes my gut the healthiest on the block. 😉

healthy gut


We already knew how coffee can improve other parts of our health, now we know that coffee has the power to give us the healthy gut we need, unfortunately not the six-pack we want. 🙁 Still have to do abs crunches.


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