How Electricity Just Made Chocolate A Healthy Treat

A shocking amount of science goes into producing the delicious treats we enjoy everyday and mad scientists are constantly experimenting, searching for solutions to industry problems.

Sometimes an experiment has unexpected results producing a happy accident and in this case, the happiest of accidents.

These scientists have removed 20% of fat from chocolate by running the liquid chocolate through an electrical field.

The researchers who came up with the new chocolate-making method were merely aiming to improve its viscosity, so that it wouldn’t clog the machinery in manufacturing plants. - LA Times 

Surprisingly, chocolate is highly manufactured and the process of turning the cocoa beans into delicious liquid chocolate requires the addition of liquid fat.

What these genius researchers discovered is that when running the liquid chocolate through an electrical field "the individual cocoa solids transformed from symmetrical circles to elongated, pill-shaped chains." The result was a more free-flowing liquid chocolate that requires less liquid fat to flow through the chocolate-making machinery.

So where the goal was improving the manufacturing of chocolate fluidity, the result is a healthier, "low-fat" chocolate. I can see the advertising campaign now, "new and improved chocolate bars, now help with weight loss." 🙂

While we all wait for this new chocolate to hit store shelves, we have produced a two calorie Dark Chocolate OneCup that will satisfy your cravings.

Velvety dark chocolate flavor infused with a medium roast coffee and the result is pure ecstasy.

Imagine the first bite of a delicate yet rich piece of dark chocolate as it melts over your tongue. Your reaction is only, "mmm, yes!" that is how each sip of this new coffee will make you feel.




HT - LA Times

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