Dads Of SF Bay Coffee Share Their Favorite #JustBeingDad Stories


When we lived in Connecticut, my wife, 3 kids and I drove down to New York to visit the Statue of Liberty. After a day of sightseeing, we returned to Battery Park when I realized I had forgotten where I had parked our car on one of the side streets near Wall Street.  I sat the family down on a bench and proceeded on my search up and down the streets of lower Manhattan.  After searching valiantly for nearly an hour without success nor returning to the park, my wife started to become frantic.  By now, with dwindling sunlight and the cold evening air setting in, the homeless began returning to Battery Park to claim their sleeping quarters for the night. In a panic, my wife flagged down one of New York’s finest and asked him to try and find me.  The officer said he would and asked my wife what I looked like.  Thinking quickly about how to give a description, she grabbed our oldest son (about 10 at the time) by the face, turned him toward the officer and said “just like this, but with glasses.


It was the very first day we brought our daughter home from the hospital. She was so small, and screamed so loud but we were happy. My mother-in-law was staying with us, thankfully, and it was time for my daughter’s first bath. All went well in the bath, it wasn’t until my wife moved this little bundle of terror to the changing table that everything went weird. My little girl decided not to wait for her diaper and let go a good-sized number 2. It wasn’t too bad, but somehow this number 2 spread like a wildfire. It ended up on the wall, the table, my arm and miraculously, on the crib behind me. I still can’t explain how it got on the crib behind me. Needless to say, this was a memorable first-time daddy experience. And we even got a picture.


When I owned my own coffee shops we decided to do a 5 year anniversary promo. As my youngest was born the same month we opened our first store, we decided to feature her in the ad. Later that year, her ad won cutest ad of the year for that publications ‘Best of the Year’ issue.



When my wife and I had our twins I worked from home and watched the boys and their 2-year-old sister and my wife worked 20 minutes away. The plan was to have my wife pump milk that I could feed to the boys in bottles during the day. That was the plan. The reality was that neither of my infant sons would take a bottle … ever. We tried and tried but to no avail. So for the next 6 months we set up the assembly line feeding station. I would make sure our daughter was taken care of and then prep the boys for feeding. As my wife finished with each boy I would burp them, change diapers and get them down for a nap. My wife would go to work for 3 hours and then drive home on her morning break where the boys and I would be prepped for round two. At lunch she would head home again for another round of feeding and grab some food to eat in the car on the way back to work. We would be ready for her once again as soon as she got home and so on until we felt like a professional pit crew family. It was a long tough stretch but we grew together as a team and I grew a lot closer to my children. That is time I will never regret.


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