Customers of the Month!

First of all, I want to thank Marty and Karen for taking the time to speak to me about their experience with our company. We had a half hour conversation about them and SFB Coffee and I am happy to announce them as our customers of the month!
So welcome to Marty and Karen's story, we're so glad you're here 🙂

Marty and Karen are Oregon residents who have spent a large amount of their time traveling and living around the US. They've moved across the country a couple of times and are happy to call the west coast their home.  These energetic retirees spend their time with their family members and facilitating Senior Lifelong Learning lectures on a variety of subjects for the past four years!

LR: How did you find out about SFB Coffee?

M&K: "We have been using single serve coffee for years, in early January, late December, our machine died. When we bought a new machine, we began thinking about our environmental concerns and looked into other options. We found you and loved the website, what you all do. That's what keeps us coming back! We love the environmental and the personal sides of the company."

LR: What's your favorite product?

M&K: "Decaf French Roast"

As the granddaughter of the owner, I like to ask those who interact with our brand what improvements they would make, as we strongly believe, there's always room for betterment. Marty and Karen were so kind in their response that I'm glad I asked!

LR: So, do you have any improvements that you think would make us a better company?

Marty: "I'm so overly impressed with the way the company is run and the way you interact with your customers. The relationship feels very personalized and I even got an email this morning telling me about a sale."

Marty ended the conversation with a sweet note to us all here at SFB.

Marty: "Just keep doing what you're doing!"


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to speak with me. Feedback and our customer's thoughts prove to be the best way to improve our company, because we are, as we like to say, Growing the Largest Family in the World.

So come and join the family!


Do you want to be customer of the month? Would you like to give us your customer testimonial? Email me! Let's chat 🙂

-Laura Rogers


Disclaimer: The author paraphrased some sentences in this article.

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