Customer of the Month- October

Thank you to Hamad and Nash for speaking with me about their experience with our company, these Atlanta based gentlemen had nothing but kind words about the company and our products and it was a joy getting to speak with them and hear their thoughts. Hamad came to Georgia when he was 11 where he pursued a higher education, he now finds himself in Atlanta, Georgia. Nash has spent the majority of his professional life in the South and is a purebred entrepreneur who has had a multitude of success with a wholesale supplier company. The both of them now work at an Ecommerce Agency.

Hamad reached out to me about being the customer of the month and we set up a phone call to chat a couple of days later. It was a pleasure getting to know these two and hearing more about their experience with our coffee!

LR: How long have you been a customer of SFB?

H&N: Ever since you started selling it at the Costco on the East Coast.

LR: How did you find out about SFB Coffee?

H&N: In November of 2017 we found the coffee at Costco and at the time we were experimenting with a couple different coffees, this was the smoothest and bold but not bitter.

LR: What drove you to buy our coffee or continue to buy the coffee?

H&N: The environmental and sustainability part of the pods. We read an article that other pods do not decompose and did not want to be a part of the statistic that was causing harm to the Earth. We also like that there is not a plasticky taste to the pods.

LR: What's your favorite product?

N: I like to experiment with my coffee and my favorite depends on the brewing process, I like fresh ground coffee and enjoy Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

H: I liked Colombian blends when I first started drinking coffee but like the French Roast as well. I like bold flavors and that at the bottom of the cup, there is a bit of sediment from the coffee.

As the granddaughter of the owner, I like to ask those who interact with our brand what improvements they would make, as we strongly believe, there's always room for betterment.

LR: Do you have any improvements that you think would make us a better company?

H: If I could change something about the company, it would be nothing because your grandfather pioneered sustainable farming, which was adopted by other brands at a later time. It's refreshing to see the entire family so involved with the business and enabling other employees to have their children work under one roof. With this culture, the San Francisco Coffee Company will be around for another 100 years or more. I hope my future great grandchildren get to enjoy the same coffee as I did.

Thank you to you both for taking the time to chat with me about our products and your experience. I appreciate the feedback and the suggestions!!

So come and join the family!

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-Laura Rogers

Disclaimer: The author paraphrased some sentences in this article

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