Customer of the Month- November

Thank you, Anne-Marie, for taking the time out of your day to talk to me about SFB coffee and your experience with us. Anne-Marie is a retired nurse who enjoys beautiful things in life, growing her own flowers and vegetables in her garden, making quilts and spending time with her grandchildren. She said she enjoys the things that are good for you and I loved learning more about her. She even said that she "makes a pot of coffee every morning and  every morning [her husband] always comments that his coffee is excellent."

Thank you, Anne-Marie!


LR: How long have you been a customer of San Francisco Bay Coffee?

AM: "Two or three years."

LR: How did you find out about San Francisco Bay Coffee?

AM: "I Had to modify my diet and change from the coffee I was drinking before. I was at my local supermarket and saw your two-pound bag of beans, I went online after that and saw the option to try various flavors by purchasing an unlimited amount of samples. My favorite now is the Fog Chaser, it's smooth and full-bodied with no aftertaste. I'm tempted to buy the hazelnut coffee too!"

LR: What drove you to buy our coffee?

AM: "The taste was better and the price. I've told many people about the company now! Even if we go away on a trip, I still bring SFB coffee with me.

LR: Do you have any improvements you think we can do to better ourselves or your customer experience?"

AM: "I would love to have business cards delivered with my coffee so I can distribute them to my friends. I am very happy with your coffee, the price is great and the service is great too."


Thanks for your time Anne-Marie!


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  1. Philip Nellis 12 December, 2018 at 13:09 Reply

    We started the coffee diet and that meant black coffee and both the wife and I love it we use San Francisco bay decf we use whole bean with burr grinder ,smooth and full of flavor

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