How Cold Brew Coffee Is Better For Your Body

Cold brew is the "It" drink of the summer. You can even make it yourself at home.

Turns out, this beloved cold coffee concoction just might be good for your gut, too.

Many folks complain about coffee causing acid reflux or other stomach acid related issues. Apparently, the process of cold-brewing leaves your morning brew two-thirds less acidic.


Have you been searching for ways to reduce coffee related digestive problems. Cold brew coffee is a great start.

Here are a few other ways you can reduce that pain in your gut caused by coffee.

1) No Robusta Beans

Studies show that quality Arabica Beans naturally have less acid than robusta beans. This is not always an easy thing to find since many larger companies have been mixing in the cheaper robusta beans to save money.

SF Bay coffee roasts only Arabica beans.

2) Choose a darker roast

Darker roasts tend to have less acidity and have been shown to have less acid that affects the digestive system.

We recommend choosing something from the darker side like the Espresso or Italian Roast. Check out our Roasting levels here.




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