Here's Why Coffee On An Empty Stomach May Not Be A Great Idea


Hey, are you the type of coffee drinker who prefers to have coffee first thing in the morning, before breakfast? Or worse, do you consider coffee your breakfast?

When you drink that morning cup of coffee before having one bite of food your body begins the process of creating stomach acid. At the right levels, this acid is good, but when caffeine is consumed pre-food the acid can lead to indigestion and possible long-term health issues like; heartburn, stomach ulcers, and IBS.


The good news is making a change is easy. Even adding a breakfast bar to your morning routine could elevate some issues you may currently be experiencing.

The takeaway here is, have breakfast.

You may even experience more of the positive benefits of drinking coffee if you have a bite to eat first thing in the morning.


Coffee can help with anxiety

How? Dopamine. The caffeine in coffee helps your brain release dopamine into the pre-frontal cortex which is responsible for mood regulation. That dopamine is what gives you those happy feelings. 

Reduce risk of dementia

This study suggests that moderate daily consumption of coffee will help prevent mild cognitive impairment or MCI. Cognitively normal older individuals who habitually consumed moderate amount of coffee (from 1 to 2 cups of coffee/day) had a lower rate of the incidence of MCI than those who never or rarely consumed coffee.

Reduce risk of melanoma cancer  

Higher coffee intake was associated with a modest decrease in risk of melanoma in this large US cohort study. The study focused on 447,000 people, gathering baseline data from an AARP Diet & Health food frequency questionnaire. Interestingly, over a median 10 year follow-up period, an inverse relationship was shown between the presence of cancer and consumption of 4 cups of coffee a day. (less diagnosis of cancer among those folks drinking 4 cups a day)


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