Coffee In The Office Is A Must, But Does It Need To Be Expensive?

Let's talk budgets for 2017 and how we can help your office get the best deal on the best coffee.

What kind of coffee does your office have?

If you are brewing SF Bay Coffee, feel free to just pass this post on to a pal in need.

If your office serves something less than stellar, consider our OneCups.

Don't let your customers, and especially you, drink anything else. Life is too short for bad coffee.

Waiting Rooms

Sitting in a waiting room doesn't have to be painful. A flatscreen TV, magazines and of course tasty coffee are a few simple essentials to guarantee a pleasant waiting room experience. And just like video-on-demand, our OneCups allow customers to experience their personal favorite coffee on-demand. The best part, no wasted or burnt coffee.


Thanks to great services like AirBnB and VRBO the cottage industry of Bed & Breakfasts has blossomed. Now anyone can host guests, make some extra cash and provide a truly wonderful vacation experience for weary travelers. Why not let those travelers start their mornings off the right way with a perfect cup of coffee.


Your office, your friend's office, the next door neighbor's office, what coffee are they brewing? If it's not San Francisco Bay Coffee people are missing out. Single serve is the way to go in the office, everyone stays happy and caffeinated with their own favorite coffee.


Don't you agree that some of the best sleep happens in hotel rooms? Something about the super cold AC and blackout windows combined with the relaxed feeling travel brings. Bliss!

Waking up in those rooms could be that much better if it was accompanied by a perfect cup of San Francisco Bay Coffee. Just saying.


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