Coffee: The Great Tasting Elixir to a Healthy Life?

Good news, Folks! You can still have that second cup or pot of coffee.

It seems like every other week a new study will come out stating something we're eating or drinking is good for us, and then the next week it's bad for us. I am here to debunk the bad rep coffee gets, therefore prove it's a superfood/drink right there next to chia seeds and green juice.

Coffee gets a bad rep for those with health problems and it shouldn't.

Recently, a new study has come out suggesting that coffee drinkers may reduce their risk of premature death by up to 24%. Researchers still don't know why coffee acts as a protective against premature death.

Of course, like most studies on coffee, you can take the information for what it is worth. However, I will cheer to that.

So here are the details: The study included over 2,300 patients with chronic kidney diseases. The researchers found that those patients who did not consume any caffeine did not have a reduction.

However, those patients that consumed the greatest amounts of caffeine saw the most significant risk reduction. This study of caffeine consumption and premature death was independent of other factors like gender, age, and race.

Furthermore, studies have shown that coffee has no negative effects on those with kidney disease. In fact, researchers in a Korean study whose focus group were women showed a reduced risk in women with kidney disease.

Health Benefits of Coffee

We heart coffee but is coffee good for our hearts? Folks with heart problems and/or kidney issues are often told to avoid caffeine. However, over the span of 10 studies, research shows that coffee does not increase the risk of heart disease among the avid coffee drinkers.

In fact, some studies claim drinking multiple cups of coffee on the daily can actually reduce their risk of heart disease. And the same goes for our kidneys.  However, drink in moderation, folks.

The saying "too much of a good thing" applies here.

As mentioned previously on this blog, studies have suggested coffee may reduce the risk of certain cancers like melanoma, colon, and endometrial cancers. According to the "International Journal of Cancer," drinking up to three cups of coffee a day can reduce one's risk of kidney cancer by 16 percent.

See! Us coffee drinkers can keep on drinking the good stuff.

Also, drinking java may decrease your risk of kidney stones. That being said, those with renal failure or polycystic kidney failure should use caution. Although a recent study claims the consumption of coffee does not cause progression of PKF in patients.

So what is in coffee that makes it have its super drink qualities? Well, that is still to be studied further, however many believe it comes from coffee's antioxidants. Which as most of us know, antioxidants are anti-aging. Win, Win!


Now let's talk about moderation

How many cups of coffee should one consume? One to two cups is fine, but I would suggest anything over five is a bit excessive.

Three appears to be the magic number.

Likewise, the patients in these studies aren't getting their coffee fix from sugar loaded peppermint mochas. I think its safe to say, they're probably just sticking to black coffee with perhaps some cream.

And when it comes to great quality coffee, you shouldn't need all that extra fat and sugar.

Now you won't have to feel guilty about those cups of coffee and you can pass on the green juice. I'm kidding, green juice is delicious but so is coffee.

So that cup(s) of coffee isn't only helping you stay awake it's letting you live your best life!

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