Cleveland Metroparks & SF Bay Coffee- A partnership for the future


Whenever possible we like to highlight a customer, to put some deserved spotlight on a company, group, organization or individual. For this SF Bay Coffee Spotlight, we selected our customer, Cleveland Metroparks.

What Is Cleveland MetroParks All About?

MISSION - Cleveland Metroparks will conserve significant natural resources and enhance people’s lives by integrating high-quality outdoor education, recreation, and zoological opportunities into people’s lives.

VISION - Cleveland Metroparks will be a national leader for sustainable green infrastructure that provides essential environmental, economic, and community benefits for people in its core service area, the surrounding region, and the global reach of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

100 Years Of Conservation

Since 1917, Cleveland Metroparks has preserved 23,000 acres of wetlands, streams and forests. Their dedication to environmental stewardship is second to none.This is reflected in their education program.

According to Cleveland Metroparks, since 2013, 93,000 students have attended free nature programs. Imparting the value of environmental preservation and stewardship on the next generation.



1. Why did Cleveland Metroparks select SF Bay Coffee?

We set out a goal to eliminate the k-cups in our shops because of the unnecessary waste created by each coffee we sell.

We researched a more eco-friendly option, which led us to SF Bay Coffee.

We sampled the product, and enjoyed the taste. In addition, we loved the fact that the packaging and the pods were a more sustainable alternative to the k-cups.

2. Does SF Bay Coffee align with the vision and mission of SF Bay Coffee? If so, in what way?

Our missions are Conservation, Education and Recreation.

This coffee ties in with our conservation mission. We also hope that it will educate our guests on the wasteful nature of the k-cup in hopes they may consider a more eco-friendly option in their homes.


We are proud to provide our coffee to Cleveland Metroparks and look forward to a long-lasting relationship. If you are ever in the Cleveland area, visit a park, their zoo or even hit up their golf course.

(all images are credited to Cleveland Metroparks)



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  1. Sue 7 April, 2017 at 05:07 Reply

    Born and raised in Cleveland, with the Metroparks having a huge impact on my life for the past 50 years. And I’ve recently discovered your wonderful coffee – drinking it as I type! I’m beyond thrilled to see this combination! xo 🙂

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