Brittle California: Coffee with a Twist

Most people like their coffee in a cup, but some of our customers like to take a different approach with how they consume our coffee.  Heidi Ostaszewki created a brittle company, close to our home, to recreate the purpose of our coffee.

Brittle California is a company based out of Sacramento, California that specializes in artisan espresso almond brittle. Heidi prides herself in using the finest California Ingredients, and said our product has been, and will be, a stable ingredient going forward. Some of her California locations include Home Goods, Boudin Sourdough company, and Blue Diamond Almonds. (To see all of her locations, visit her website.)

On her website, you can also see the pricing of some of her products. Heidi said that customers can purchase off her site as well. Her retail prices are as follows: 8oz bag for $14.99, 4oz bag for $9.00 (but are not included on her site for purchasing.) and 8oz bags off her site for $18.00.

She discovered our coffee through research and taste testing.  Heidi was trying different types of coffee from local to out of state and came across SFB coffee while doing some shopping at Costco. She decided to try out our French Roast, Turkish Style and she fell in love with the smell and how well it worked to dress the brittle. She went on to describe the taste as “beyond perfect. The ever so slight bitterness of the coffee coupled with the sweetness of the brittle and salty almond completely neutralizes the taste and makes it the perfect balance-just what we were looking to accomplish.”

After discovering our coffee, she has used it ever since. She said she has “used [our] coffee from the start and [has] never thought of changing- why change when something is so perfect”. Coffee lovers, and even those who don’t like coffee, fall in love with this brittle!

We asked her what her favorite Brittle to make is, and she said Brittle Buzz. Brittle.Buzz was her first brittle she created. She describes it as “a bold and robust mouthful of espresso and salted almond caramel confection.” She uses our French Roast-Turkish Grind to create these goodies, and says that this brittle is one of her top sellers.

She uses our coffee to cover the top of the chocolate. Heidi said she uses about ½ teaspoon of coffee, which can be enough for most people to finish the whole bag in one sitting! She said she likes to warn people not to eat her toffee too late in the evening so she can’t be to blame for starting a new “spring cleaning” project at midnight.

In most recent news for Brittle California, Heidi is waiting to hear back from Chip and Joanna Gaines from the television show “Fixer Upper”. If they end up choosing her product, it will be featured at their new restaurant in Waco in the pantry!

Heidi, it was so nice learning more about your tasty Brittle, we love hearing about how our customers like you use our coffee in different ways!

Now, we want to know what fun ways YOU use our coffee!

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