BEST OF THE BEST - Top 12 #StoreItLikeThat Photo Entries Of 2016

In 2016 a lot happened, but nothing more important than our customer photo contest, #StoreItLikeThat.

From the thousands of entries we received, only a select few were chosen to win and from those only 12 have been elevated to our most coveted status, BEST OF THE BEST.

These are the real winners of 2016.

1. "This is how we keep our OneCups fresh!"

2. "Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone"

3. "☕️Good morning! Have a great day! ❤️"

4. Speaking of #coffee a special delivery just came with our new more environmentally friendly coffee for the office Keurig! I think this Mason jar adds a nice touch of home to the counter in the break room @sfbcoffee #storeitlikethat #upgradeyourkcup

5. Morning delight. #upgradeyourkup #storeitlikethat @sfbcoffee

6. "Chasing Fog in Seconds!"

7. "Stack them high! #StoreItLikeThat #UpgradeYourKup @SFBcoffee"

8. "Store Wars"

9. "Hazelnut Creme, Rain Forest Blend, Donut Shop, Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Fog Chaser, decaf & more!!! All sealed (for freshness) in labeled bags and stored neatly in a large drawer under our coffee maker. ☕ -- #storeitlikethat #upgradeyourkup

10.  "Zip it up tight"

11. "My favorite coffee."

12. I keep my OneCups in their bags that come from @SFBCOFFEE and open them one at a time. Each bag contains just enough to put in this airtight red canister you see here. That way each one cup stays nice and fresh!"



Show us how you store your OneCups. Enter your #StoreItLikeThat photo via your favorite social network using the contest # or upload your image to our contest page here - ENTER THE CONTEST

New winner each week.


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