Award Winning Coffee

Every industry has competition. In the coffee industry, it’s more intense than most. All over the world, people are battling to create the best coffee and show off their skill. And this year, the competition is fiercer than ever.

Each year, the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama puts on an event called the Best of Panama to recognize Panama’s specialty coffee production all over the world. This ceremony represents the opportunity for local estates to promote the quality of their crops, by getting judged by experts in the coffee industry. This competition helps raise the bar for people in the industry by driving them to increase the quality of their product.

The idea was started by a group of 7 coffee producers, coming from different areas of Panama. Their main goal was to increase awareness of their coffee internationally.  This past weekend was their 23rd year celebrating this award ceremony, in order to search for, and recognize some of the greatest coffee in Panama. We are proud to announce the awards we have received!

This year, we won the BOP Traditional Washed category with a Catuai from our farm, Finca Santa Barbara in Boquete, Panama.  Winning the traditional washed category is very rewarding to us, because this is what we do, our core. Now, this award reflects what we do best! Santa Barbara is a multiple time winner in both 2017 and 2019, and La Hauca a single time winner in 2018. 

In addition, Our Geisha Natural also made it to the finals and got 22nd with 90 points average, keeping the streak of getting a score over 90 every year. It was fermented with yeast, and we have so many other great coffees with yeast coming from all of our other mills and operations. Some of which include Guatemala, Rwanda, Mexico and many more. We have invested tremendous amounts of time and money of the RD of yeast and how it interacts with coffee and this is only the beginning.

This ceremony helps the best of the best stand out, and we are so proud that we were able to be recognized.  The world of specialty coffee puts their eyes on Panama during this competition. In fact, last year’s winning geisha sold for $803/pound!

We will continue to produce amazing coffee in all of our operations, yet Panama is the only competition we enter, because it is the hardest to win.  We plan on using this success to change our image from cheap, blue-collar coffee, to the high-quality coffee that we really are.

The Award Winning Coffee:

Panama Catuai is a special coffee variety requiring a delicate touch and constant attention. Cultivated in our high altitude farm, Finca Santa Barbara, the volcanic soils and micro-climate nurtured these special coffee trees into an award winning coffee. In each lively cup, the faint aromas of citrus and roasted nuts give way to sweet flavors of caramel and milk chocolate.

Panama Catuai – a refined coffee grown to be savored.

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