A Trip to Panama

In October 2015, our Human Resources manager, Amalia Goodpasture, was fortunate enough to take a trip to Panama to visit SF Bay farms. We asked her a little bit about her experience from her perspective, and wanted to share.

Amalia's Trip to Panama

“I was visiting our Panama Farms with Pete Rogers for the first time (only time). He spent a week really showing me how the operations worked. I was able to meet the employees, walk the farms (completely out of breath), see the beauty Panama offers, enjoy the rain, the sunshine, the sweet cherry, the clean mills, the people, the cities, the food and see first-hand how we help improve local communities.

I’ve been in awe of all that our company does via operations, community, innovation, and nothing compares to being there, on the land, and in the environment. I first felt honored to be invited to go on a trop like this, something I treasure, as once in a lifetime opportunity. I also couldn’t believe that a busy man, like Mr. Pete Rogers would spend this kind of time with me to explain the basics of a coffee farm and the projects our company was fully committed to. I took notes of the journey, form the moment we flew out of SMF to when we arrived at Dallas and then flew across the ocean to Panama City, and into Bouquet. Pete know the people; the people knew Pete. My eyes were wide open, filled with amazement and curiosity. How did so many people know Pete from Lincoln? I learned that Pete was their friend, someone they trusted, someone they liked. I also learned that Pete was fluent in Spanish and he knew the language better than me.

I enjoyed every part of this trip. There was beauty in the animal sounds, the landscape, the trees, the buildings, the people, the children playing and running around to get a quick look at the visitors. That was interesting. They were just as excited to see us as we were to see them.

Her Favorite Memory

My favorite memory, is when Pete put his shoes on the top of the rented vehicle, because they were wet and stinky as we drove around. His shoes were old and had holes. I loved that Pete would own shoes with holes in them and never complained once. The hike up the hills, while it rained and sometimes poured were rough. I was breathing hard! And Pete didn’t break a sweat. I was always a few…hundred…steps behind. But, he would wait for me, I’d catch up and then fall behind again. So, here is this slightly older man, with holes in his shoes, busy and committed to teaching me! I’ll never forget it. I always remember this trip, when I need to push myself to dig deep and do my part for the company.

Unfortunately, the trip ended early, because I caught a cold. I was so sick, that Pete changed our plans that included a trip to Colombia. He could have continued to Colombia, but the man with the holey shoes, took me home to be with my family.




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