6 Brownie Recipes To Celebrate National Brownie Day

As desserts go, the brownie is a classic and with all classics talented people like to take stabs at a remake. - I'm a fan of remakes, just don't touch my Indiana Jones 🙂

Anyway, these brownie remakes are spectacular versions that not only do justice to the original, but add the perfect amount of uniqueness, to make each recipe an original.

Check'em out & happy National Brownie Day.

1st - Caffeinated Brownies

These brownies are both cake-like and fudgy with that extra kick that coffee lovers will drool over.


2nd - Kona Coffee Kahlua Brownies

Rich, bold & sweet, these Kona Coffee Kahlua Brownies give you just the right amount of bite.


3rd - Jamaican Coffee Brownies with pecans

The famous coffee flavors both the brownies and their ganache topping


4th - Coffee Brownies


5th - Butterscotch Brownies

This one has a special twist.


6th - Cream Cheese Brownies

Rich cream cheese marbled through rich fudgy brownies



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