2.5 Million Coffee Trees To Be Donated. No Purchase Necessary.

We've talked about Coffee Rust before but in case you forgot;

Coffee Rust is a devastating fungus that attacks coffee trees and is decimating coffee farms and the families reliant on those farms to survive.

You may have also heard about some big coffee chain pledging to donate 1 million coffee trees to coffee farms to help fight off this fungus. But to make that commitment they will only make the donations as they sell coffee. 1 bag of coffee for 1 coffee tree.

Big Jon Rogers, Founder & President of SF Bay Coffee said;

“We were happy to hear that Starbucks has joined the fight,” said Rogers. “Welcome aboard and thank you Starbucks. We need all the help we can get.”

Our battle against Rust started over 4 years ago with the formation of The Rust Trust. A non-profit effort to replace 50,000,000 coffee trees killed by the fungus. To date we have donated over 1 million trees to farms devastated by the fungus, but we need to do more.

Over a 1/2 billion pounds of coffee has already been lost to this fungus and more will be lost without a collective effort to fight the fungus.

That's why for 2016 we have committed to growing & donating 2.5 million more coffee trees. No purchase necessary.

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