10 Types Of Dads You'll Meet At The Coffee Shop

Visit a coffee shop anywhere and you are bound to see one of these dads. Maybe you are one of these dads.

1) The Author

When you see this dad he will be tucked away in a corner of the shop. His family will be sitting around him, but his focus will be on his notebook/pad whatever. Documenting.

2) The Teacher

This dad will be having his toddler read the menu or recite their letters. Never a day off for this dad or his kids.


3) The Wrangler

Have you heard of the term, Chicken With Its Head Cut Off, that's this dad. He will be constantly wrangling his kids, keeping them from stepping on toes of other patrons, sitting at their tables or snatching the breakfast sandwich. Yes, this dad has his hands full.

4) The Boss

When this dad walks in the shop knows it. One loud, "NO!" gets the kids in line, even if only for a moment. The boss dad sets the rules, enforces the rules and he isn't afraid of delivering a deserved punishment in shop. "1.2.3, okay, you just lost your TV time." You go, dad!

5) The Grammer

Snap snap snap. This dad will be taking pics of everything from his coffee, to his kids spills on the table. For the Grammer Dad everything is possible Instagram Art.


6) The Play-structure Dad

This dad is all about making sure the kids have fun. He struts in the door with kids on his shoulders, hanging from his arms and maybe his legs. The play-structure dad is going to keep his kids occupied but not quite.

7) The Life Lesson Giver

The life-lesson giver dad will enter the shop with his little kids, sit down and use the opportunity to teach his kids a lesson in self-confidence. He'll send them to the cashier to place the order, pay and interact with an adult in an adult situation.

8) The Sports dad 

This dad will come into the shop wearing his team's gear and he'll be chatting about the latest game with his kids. If their too young to understand, he is likely chatting up some other dad about the game. Typically this dad is on his way to his kids game or practice. The coffee bar is just a pit stop.


9) The Nervous Ned 

Nothing hot around this dad's kiddos. He is super cautious. The little ones are strapped tightly in the highchairs, car seats or booster seat. All potential hazards are moved away from his family and he is mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for anything to go wrong. He may not have a fanny pack, but he does have a bag with all the necessities.


10) The Chill Dad

This dad is mellow. His kids? Maybe not, but it's cool. They roam? It's cool. They climb? It's cool. They bicker? It's cool. They leave a mess? It's cool. He is the king of cool in parenting. To him, being hands-off is the most hands-on kind of dad possible.


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