Sustainability On Coffee Farms

Social and environmental responsibility on the farms is one of our highest priorities.

We know that the highest quality coffee and tea comes from farmers who are committed to the highest quality in every aspect of their operation - from sustainable growing techniques to the health and welfare of workers. We buy only from farmers who work with us to ensure workers are treated fairly and ensure the natural environment is protected.


All of our 100% Arabica coffee is shade-grown on high altitude farms over 3000 feet elevation. These farms employ a bio-diverse natural cover of shade trees to develop the beans slowly – and give them more character and depth compared to full-sun, "monoculture" coffee farms.

This shade grown farming also provides habitat to native plant & animal species and helps restore & maintain the ecosystem balance, as well as preserving local water supplies.


We are committed to organic farming as well, and we’ve perfected innovative techniques to turn coffee pulp waste into organic fertilizer using vermiculture (worm composting)! We’re spreading that technology to organic farms (and even non-organic ones) throughout the world.

SF Bay Coffee Co. does something else differently too - we grow quite a bit of our own organic coffee.


Ask your local coffee roaster if they grow their own and they’ll look at you funny!   They'll know the best coffee only grows on the high altitude slopes of mountains in tropical countries like Costa Rica, Sumatra, and Ethiopia.

Growing coffee is a big commitment – one that we made 15 years ago when we purchased our first farm, "Santa Barbara" in Panama.

Today we have six organic (or organic in progress) farms in Mexico and Panama. Per an audit we commissioned in 2007, our farms' mixed native and coffee trees sequester more carbon than the company produces. That makes us a carbon negative company.  Learn more about how we have no carbon footprint.

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